Daniel Medel                                                                                                                              

Biographical Info

Vital Stats
1974: Born in Seville, Spain
1977: Moved to Miami
1989: Graduated, Southwood Jr. High
1992: Graduated, New World School of the Arts
1992: Moved to Salt Lake City
1993: Moved back to Miami
1995: Moved to Boston, Berklee College of Music
2000: Graduated, Berklee College of Music
2001: Boston job, web programming
2001: Moved to NYC, web programming
2003: Moved back to Miami. Again.
2004: Accepted to UM Post-bac, Premed program
2005: Applying to Medical School

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  Fly An Airplane
  Scuba Certification
  Berklee College of Music Graduation
  Visit Arches National Park
  Sing In A Touring Band
  Write A Commercial Jingle
  Bungee Jump
  Build A Deck
  Swim With Sharks
  Visit National Air & Space Museum
  Meditate, Union Square, 9/11
  Whitewater Rafting
  Fly A Helicopter
  Medical School

Web Production

Stuff I Know:
HTML, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, ASP, PHP, MySQL, REALbasic, XML, CSS, Photoshop/ImageReady.

Some Of My Work:
Disney: Mission Space
Stuff Magazine Online
Loews Hotels
Ned Harvey Photography
Nick Kaufman Productions
Ariel Blumenthal Film Composer
Ikon Models
Essex Corporation
Capital Printing
Universal Music Group - Motown CD-ROM

(Please note that I didn't do any of the design for these sites, only the programming and/or production. Also, by no means did I work alone on all of these sites.)

Contact/Technical Support:
Send e-mail to iProber Support.

AIM - TomServo24
E-mail - webwork@danielmedel.com