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This free utility gives iPod users drag and drop access to their songs.

Enable your iPod as a FireWire device, put iProber on it and have access to your songs from almost any Mac.

Useless Tidbit:
iProber has been downloaded 25196 times and I have never once been asked for my paypal information. Seriously.

Version History...

I'm no longer working on iProber because I'm back in school for like the 12th time and can't afford to work on free shit any more. Sorry!

A lot of people have sent me e-mails asking if there's a Windows version of iProber. The only reason there is not is because I would have to buy the more expensive "professional" version of RealBasic in order to compile a version for Windows. This is not difficult, just expensive ($170). So if you want to send me some cash for that purpose, my paypal email address is dan@danmedel.com.

Warning! iProber does NOT work in Panther. If you are running Panther and REALLY need to use iProber, I suggest downloading the OS9 version and running it in classic mode. Either that or go download one of the other 57 free programs that do the same thing as iProber.

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About Me
I'm a freelance programmer who isn't starving. That's gotta mean something, right?

Stuff I Know:
HTML, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, ASP, PHP, MySQL, REALbasic, XML, CSS, Photoshop/ImageReady.

My Work:
Disney: Mission Space
Stuff Magazine Online
Loews Hotels
Ned Harvey Photography
Maxim Magazine Online
Nick Kaufman Productions
Ariel Blumenthal Film Composer
Ikon Models
Essex Corporation
BThere Online
Hampshire Companies
Crash & Burn Productions
Capital Printing
Sycamore Networks
Universal Music Group - Motown CD-ROM

(Please note that I didn't do any of the design for these sites, only the programming and/or production. Also, by no means did I work alone on all of these sites.)

Contact/Technical Support:
Send e-mail to iProber Support.

AIM - TomServo24
E-mail - webwork@danielmedel.com